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2019-02-20 00:40:32 (UTC)

Need to watch out when getting a hard on

I need to be careful regarding getting hard ons now. I got a roomie and it's not like before where I just feel what I feel anytime anywhere in my house because I'm so used to being alone. Now, my roomie could come out in the community areas so I need to focus. haha. Just an fyi, I don't shit where I eat. She' here strictly for funding me 700 a month just to meet my goals of getting my Tacoma and my planned vacation trips I want to go to this year.

Gym was pretty good. Had fun but it's not as fun when you're not able to go 100% all out. Again, out of fear, I babied my left arm. Still kicked ass though. I can see from the side of my eyes that peeps were going slower and/or stopping when we were doing things like reverse lunges, pulsing reverse lunges, jumping jacks with dumbbells, step ups, etc, etc. I sucked at wall ball tosses because I only used my right arm to toss the wall ball and I only tossed 10 lb wall balls. Still pissed that I gained 5 freaking pounds. Now my coach says I'm supposed to weigh around 160 anyway but I was stronger weighing 155. And when I was at 150, I was way faster and flying in the gym. But I think I was at 150 because of my divorce diet. lol. (My breakup with my now ex gf). I need to get back to 155. This 160 sucks!!!!!!!!

Took a nap so now I'm messed up and not so sleepy. I can't sleep now. I better take some melatonin. Maybe a shot of something? lol

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