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2019-02-19 11:21:16 (UTC)

Next challenging date

Ok, so I made it through Valentines very well. Recalling the past dates that I thought I may struggle with. Thanksgiving, My Birthday in Dec, Christmas, New years, Valentines, and I think my ex gf's birthday is now in March I think? haha. March 23rd maybe? I dunno. Just glad that I was able to improve myself during those dates and now feel I'm in a much better place overall.

I'm so happy that I've grown so much these past few months. I'm stronger now and got my self esteem back. I don't stalk my ex gf nor do I care to stalk her on social media. I've gone on a date or two and although they didn't turn out to be something more, I'm just glad I'm actually ready to date and maybe find that special someone or not and that will be ok too.

Financially, I'm in even better shape than I was than when I was dating my ex gf. She sure was expensive to date. haha. No regrets because companionship is precious but now I can actually see the savings by being single. While dating, I was 3K in the hole. In a short amount of time, I now wiped that out and have about 5,500 saved. With tax return coming and expecting another 5K this week on a deal I'm trying to work out along with maybe 2K I can save from my March paycheck, I'll have about 15K in March. Not counting savings in April and May, that'll be more than enough for a decent downpayment and accessories right of the bat for my Tacoma. I'm wanting to get rock sliders for being able to step up to my vehicle and to stop door dings at parking lots. I know it's meant to be for four wheeling but whatever works. Also, I want to get a good diamondback cover for my bed. It'll cost around 1,500 installed. Just in time for camping :) Can't wait. So excited!!!!

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