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2019-02-19 13:05:32 (UTC)

She was wild, but loyal..

Listening to:This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf****r - Maroon 5
I see her dancing in the streets
Sipping champagne on the beach
So expensive when she eats
'Cause she's so fancy
I see her when I go to sleep
I check my phone when I am weak
She never posts anything deep
'Cause she's so fancy
This summer's gonna hurt like a motherfucker Fucker

"She was wild, but loyal" ~R.H Sin

Afternoon! ☀
It's absolutely beautiful out, despite the snow on the ground..the sun is shining.. although I would rather be on a cruise ship somewhere lol
Been a really good day, had a specialist appointment that went awesome, then makeup shopping and therapy at 230, then home for the day, work again tomorrow. Not ready to go back as I am liking this "stay at home mom" thing, it really works for me lol but alas, makeup isn't cheap lol.

I put a roast in the oven with some baby carrots and will simmer on low til dinner time.. looking forward to it tonight. My appetite is up today. I am really missing the gym, hoping I can go back tomorrow but my tailbone still hurts. I just really miss it. Grounds me.

I have been talking with my former for the past few days.. It's been some really good conversations as well as some painful topics... (each of us were seeing others) my growth, as good as it's been, came about because of some mistakes I made in our relationship. No, I never betrayed Him.. But I wasn't the best version of myself and took Him for granted. I told Him I have no expectations but that He still has my heart..He always has. I shared my submissive journal with Him so He can truly see the extent of my growth.. I owed it to Him to see how I now have an understanding in ways I hurt Him or contributed to the demise of us. He's one who's truly believed in me and my abilities and has admitted that too many "coincidences" surrounded us that can't be explained any other way. He says it's "creepy" lol. Been so nice to talk and reconnect.. We always have the most playful conversations, it's truly fun. When my reader did several of my tarot reading.. She kept pulling the "playful" card and the "childlike" card...She said "when it's good it's incredible, it's fun, playful and very grounded, you laugh alot" which it always was, is.

Anyways..therapy in 45 minutes.. As much as I can say I don't need therapy, I enjoy it.. It's a good place to just talk and obtain the view of an outside opinion. He helps me see things in a view I may not. Not just in relationships but we talk about work, my family....friends.. He's one of the main characters who helped me realize my friendships were outgrown.. bad influences. He was also one who told me it wasn't right to be with Brian. How I was using it to numb the pain instead of facing it head on. He will be relieved to hear I did it.. I think.. lol

Anyways I am off....

I hope you all find a reason to smile today ❤

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