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2019-02-19 08:53:41 (UTC)

Dart season is over

Well, we lost last night. Didn't have my dart partner so I had a sub. We are out for the season. Funny thing is I don't feel too bad. Losing still sucks and I'm a little down on myself for not doing better. However, It was messing with my gym schedule anyway I had to not go to the gym the day before and the day of dart night because my arms would hurt too much to throw. And I gained 5 lbs since the break I took! Dang it!!

No biggie. Darts is over for now so it's back to normal at the gym. I hope my arm doesn't hurt enough for it to be able to take it. The numbness isn't really recovering as fast as I was hoping it would. I just need to get back to 155 lbs. I know a big part is not eating correctly. My moderations were to much I guess. Hopefully by the end of the month, I'll be back to normal. I'm just worried about the numbness in my left arm.

Had a weird dream too. I think I was at a party at this really messy home. So messy that it was hard to even find a place to step without stepping on clothes or something. I have no OCD issues but even that dream made me freak a little . I had another dream and that one was of my ex wife. I think she may have been in the house and was packing or getting something. We weren't fighting or anything. She just was picking up something I think that she left a long time ago.. Anyway, I asked her where the kids were and she said they were in L.A. or something. I was a little pissed that she didn't even bring them for me to at least say hi. That was it though. Even my dreams don't have much drama anymore and I am thankful for that.

I took the day off today and once again, I am in bed enjoying my warm blanket while it's cold out. I only dare leave my room for that cup of coffee I'm wanting so badly. Ok, got up and got my coffee. At least the one my roomie made. Her coffee tastes yucky but beggars can't be choosy I'll take what I can get and i can't make any while hers is in the coffee pot anyway. I'll make another batch shortly. We both love our coffee.

Credit card spending has been way down. I should be able to save a lot more this coming March. I may not even have to use my tax return to help me buy my Truck. That's how good I've been not spending. And since I'm not going to the regional playoffs, I won't need to book a hotel room and spend money since I'm not going :) Gotta take the good with the bad.

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