Scream Above the Sounds
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2019-02-19 17:19:20 (UTC)

A Tired Mind

I haven't slept good in a while. I feel my body clock very slowly creeping back to how it used to be, I only slept 4 hours last night. I don't know how I managed to drag myself out of bed and into college. I think I was quite excited because I wasn't sure if I was going to be having the same English teacher, the one I have a huuuuge crush on. She didn't come in, we had our old teacher back which I was kinda glad about. I've been weighing up all day whether to add her on social media or not but I think it's just too risky. I feel like I'm only gonna get one shot at this and if I add her and she declines me, it's game over. I couldn't add her again, it would be too embarrassing and obsessive. I think I'm going to leave it until my exams are over and then maybe I'll do it. I wonder if she would even remember me then. I don't really know the policy between mature students and teachers and social media but I could probably hazard a strong guess that it's frowned upon, I wouldn't want to get her in trouble either. Unless I get some serious encouragement or for lack of a better word, some serious balls...I'll probably just leave it. I hope I'll get to speak to her again at some point.

Today was a pretty wasted day, I stayed up so late last night doing my sociology work only for our lecturer to now say that it can all be handed in on Friday instead. I feel absolutely hanging today. English was fine, we just looked at practice papers and stuff whilst some people did their presentations, I'm so glad mine are done. We spent an hour in the library for social science and then after that, people just went home. I wish I had stayed in bed. I think I'm likely going to eat something, go on the exercise bike for a bit and then fade away.

It's our last week in college this week and then we have a week off, yay! I'm having a little house party too so that's something to look forward to. It won't be anything wild, just drinks, mario kart, smash bros, the usual. I expect this week to go pretty fast. I'm still really enjoying all of my subjects but I'm just crushing on this English teacher so bad, it's awful. I hope I don't see her around college because I'm bound to do or say something stupid if I do, haha. It'll be nice to have this week off, it's quite an intensive course and we're always on the go. It's a much needed rest, for sure. I only have one lesson tomorrow and I have to start my essay on the link between smoking and cancer, how joyous, right?

I feel a nap coming on before I workout. I really do feel my age these days.