Experienced Life
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2019-02-18 10:29:31 (UTC)

Even in my dreams, I can spot a fake.

I had a dream last night. Barely believed it. It was about my ex. Not sure why I dreamed about her but it may be because FB posted something like a memory from the past bullshit. I wish there was a way to stop FB from posting things in the past. Anyway, it was short and I believe my ex kissed me. It was a nice soft wet kiss. But..... even in my dreams, I could sense and call it bullshit. Bullshit because even in my dreams, I remember my ex gf had dry crusty lips when we kissed. Unlike mine which is full and soft. She had crusty ass cake lips. I knew she always kissed like that and even though she put on lip balm, I could tell they were dry. So even in a dream, my mind told me this is bullshit and that it wasn't real. It wasn't her and this was a dream. I woke up right after.

So while I don't like dreaming about my ex gf, at least I can see the bad part of our former relationship. I still love myself and I still know there is better out there.