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me and my life
2019-02-17 18:36:19 (UTC)

Let's talk abt thoughts

Many things which we think should happen never happen like we plan our career, day, a year, schedule etc. Sometimes I feel I want to do this and that and also that that but not everything is possible, I continously try to figure out what can work out how can things be worked out for better life but i just keep on figuring out.
Sometimes I feel like i want to go out of country with monku and work and settle down there and life would be wonderful.

Sometimes I thing I want to become an actress and it brings satisfaction in me and life would be so good. Well, it's preferred option.

Sometimes I think I want my own business with monku and I'm my own boss and life would be so good.

But i actually don't know what is going to make my life good. So confused and no peace mind. Soon I'll get married and responsibilities and stress is going to double and I'll still keep hoping and figuring out pheww I already feel bad abt it.
Is this how my life gonna end? Thinking, hoping and figuring it I'm just overthinking.
It happens that there are many things I want to do but some or other obstacles pause the thoughts coz I have to be patient and understanding. I want to go out with mum but mum cannot, u want to do well in job but job sucks, I want to do business but no finance I want to do manythings but execution becomes not possible. Is it me or everyone goes through this.
But u know what one must just try everywhere u never know kw what hits ur luck and ull be like gotcha..

I want good happy healthy bless life with my loved ones. God bless all...

Gn ppl. Hope for good...