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2019-02-16 21:19:09 (UTC)

Dart Status

I play in local playoffs this Monday. I got my friends to practice darts tonight at my place. I was pretty depressed because I couldn't hit the bullseyes, 20s, and 18s for a month now. Surviving just to make it. Well... tonight, for some freaking weird law of nature, my arm felt great I lost my hitch. I'm walking the 20s, 19s, and so-so on the 18s. I never had a problem with 16s. Did better than normal on 17s. I averaged on 15s. Meaning...... I'm kicking ass again!!!!! Whew!!! Bullseyes? I got most of it back again. If I had my partner, we'd be top 3 material. But without him,.... I'm just going to be glad if we make it through the round robin and make it through the final playoffs.

Again, I'm happy. My life is filled with a lot of goals to achieve.. work related and social related. I survived the gym today. I sucked because I was out for 2 freaking weeks. We ran laps today. There were two guys that were kickass fast. I was third. Or so I thought until I ran out of gas and let someone else pass me by. I came in 4th instead. Sigh.. haha. Maybe the lack of sex doesn't help too.

I'm on an online dating site. The only ones I'm attracting are retired old ladies that wouldn't be able to survive one crossfit class with me. My profile does indicate highly active physical activities like hiking, 6-7 days a week at a crossfit class, kayaking, skiing, etc, etc. Yet, I get these women that are indicating they love to snuggle on the sofa and watch Netflix. They are all " a few pounds overweight" Not to be mean and I don't care if you are overweight but I did say "active lifestyle". Don't say you want to go out with me on an 8 mile hike then saying we have to maybe go slow and wait for you because it's been a few years since you've been on a hike!!! Really!!!???? I don't think peeps realize that if we did become intimate, I would do damage to them as they wouldn't be able to keep up with me. haha. Sorry, just ranting.....

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