Experienced Life
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2019-02-16 15:28:14 (UTC)

Gym routine

Today's gym wasn't bad. I'm getting better at taking care of my left arm. It hurts when I have it extended and pulling on something. So.. today's TRX, I didn't extend my left arm all the way. Jumped on boxes, Russian twists, laps around the building, Duck walks, and full extension with really light weights. All good.

We practice darts tonight. I'm doing so far. Arm is ok at darts. 20s and 18s seem reachable now. My playoff is this Monday. Tomorrow, my friends and I are going to an old school arcade for adults. Old school arcade and lots of pinball. FYI, I used to be a pinball wizard... before I discovered girls I guess :) haha.

Today is a good day. Nice and sunny finally :) Life is good. Keeping my spending down. Got my goal to get my Tacoma. Not fading from that :)

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