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2019-02-16 13:02:15 (UTC)

Good headspace..

Listening to: Tequila - Dan & Shay (yes, I listen to this a lot lol)

"Self love is not selfish, You cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself" ~Likki

Good afternoon! ☀

Today is a gorgeous day out, sun is shining and I am smiling 😊I am feeling really good aside from my tailbone, but it's healing and I am not letting it get me down. I am mobile, just not as fast and I cannot hit the gym yet but overall.. I am good. Focus on the good, pain is temporary and I am one tough cookie!

Today I just ran a few errands and now home, relaxing. I am doing laundry despite it taking me a bit longer to navigate the stairs lol. I am not sure what is up for the rest of the day but I am content just staying in. I feel pampered after having my hair and nails done yesterday. Today I think I may work on my submissive journal too, I bought a chain for my rose quartz that now hangs nicely around my neck. Rose quartz is very calming..

Well not much else to say, In a good head space today :)

I hope you all find many reasons to smile ❤