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2019-02-15 18:29:04 (UTC)

Taking a rest day from gym

I went to the gym three days in a row. I think I need to take a break today. At least my left arm does. I did better yesterday :) Lot's of cardio but we did a lot of planks and burpees too. That sort of made my left arm say hello to me. It's all good though. My core is doing pretty good. I like touching the side of my stomach and feeling a firmness to it instead of the Pillsbury dough boy squish like in the commercial. Still a long ways to go.

I was able to do extra these past three workouts and did some jump roping. I'm getting better at it and can do some tricks with it now . All the while getting a workout. Win-win. I can now do doubles, criss-crossing the ropes, alternating foot and jumping on one foot. Not sure what the official words are, I just have fun doing them. I'll be back at the gym tomorrow :)

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