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2019-02-15 22:39:26 (UTC)



Today hasn't been very eventful, nothing to interesting has happened, in truth it's been fairly regular. I had an early morning allergy test appointment about two weeks ago I had a severe allergic reaction and ended up in the ER. We have an idea what caused it but we aren't certain since I have never add a reaction like that before and I have no known food allergies. So today I got a scratch test but the doctor said that based on the results he couldn't defentively conclude that I am or am not allergic to the item. And now I have to get blood work done and be retested in two months.

It seems like I may have developed an allergy to shellfish which is so frustrating because i LOVE shellfish and if in two months I learn that I am allergic to it I well know exactly what I am missing out on. I also recieved my flu vaccine for this year and now my shoulder is so sore, but I read several studies which show that if you get a flu vaccine every year you build up stronger antibodies and become less and less likely to get sick with the flu every year. I also learned that if i get vaccinate and then still end up catching the flu that I would be sick for less time than an unvaccinated person. I also like the idea that by getting the flu vaccine I am helping protecting others who might be unable to get the vaccine or who are more likely to get the flu.

I am also looking to go back to school so I was doing a bit of research on that but other than that I had a very normal day. As i stated in my bio I do not have a very interesting life. Maybe something cool will happen to me soon or maybe I will have more exciting news to share. guess we will just have to wait and see.

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