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2019-02-15 15:05:05 (UTC)


Today was a good day; a bit of a wasted day...like Friday's in college tend to usually be, but it was somewhat productive. Our actual form tutor who takes us for ICT and tutorial was on a geography field trip so we had the head of the actual Adult Foundation course sit in for the lesson instead. It must have been pretty awkward because my Adult Foundation group is most likely the worst group, not in terms of naughtiness or anything, just in terms of attendance. The group started off strong, there was about 20 of us. I think there was 6 of us today, she was not impressed. Today gave people a chance to catch up on any work they needed to finish, I was all caught up so it was a bit of a wasted day for me. However, the woman who is head of the course called everybody up one by one to see how people were getting on and what their future plans are, I had quite a lot to say to her.

I initially asked her about a bus pass because £4 a day is shagging me up the arse, for lack of a better phrase. Sadly I won't be able to get one because of my living arrangements, which really sucks. I think I read that Access provides funding though so I just need to slum this out for 4 more months. She asked me how things were and I told her I was doing really well, we eventually got onto maths and I think she sympathised with me a bit. I think she could tell that I was genuine and it was a real struggle for me. She asked me what I wanted to do and I told her that I wanted to go into creative writing/journalism. We looked at a few universities and then devised a plan on how I would get there. The plan was more or less in place though, or it was at least in my mind. I needed to do Humanities. She told me that psychology is likely going to be in Humanities when I start, I really hope so. I would be so into that. Anyway, the good news is...she has reserved me a place for Humanities, so yay!

I think I need a break from fitness, my legs are shot. I just did a run and I struggled for 15 minutes. I've gone 14 days without resting and I think it's finally taking it's toll on me so tomorrow will likely be a rest day. I'm going to do my bodyweight routine after I finish writing this. I'm having a bit of a naughty night tonight because I'm going out drinking with one of my best friends, I haven't seen her in forever and we always have a great time together. No doubt I shall return very drunk; I kinda feel like I deserve to, the humanities thing was good news! It's gonna be a busy weekend because I have some sociology stuff that needs to be in for Tuesday. Saying that, I'll be counting down the days until it's Tuesday again so I can see if the love of my life is still teaching us for English. I kinda want her to because I did really enjoy her teaching, but at the same time, if she isn't there..I'm gonna just YOLO it and add her on social media. She would probably be so weirded out.

I guess that's it for today anyway, I'm gonna do this routine and then relax for a while and then it's disaronno o'clock!