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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2019-02-15 07:04:01 (UTC)

100th entry!❤

Listening to: Girl like You - Maroon 5
'Cause girls like you
Run around with guys like me
'Til sundown, when I come through
I need a girl like you, yeah yeah
Girls like you
Love fun, yeah me too
What I want when I come through
I need a girl like you, yeah yeah

"I know this transformation is painful, but you're not falling apart: you're just falling into something different, with a new capcity to be beautiful" ~WIlliam C Hannan (to understand why this quote is so meaningful to me, keep reading) ..

Good Morning!☀
This is my 100th entry and I am starting it on a good vibration and positive thoughts for today :) Thank you to all those who reached out to be so supportive of me during a rough day yesterday.❤

I stayed true and kept off social media last night.. No FB, no Instagram and I did some reading.. a book that was highly recommended to me and sent to me from someone I have become good friends with. She's a reader.. She sent me the book called "The Courage To Be Yourself: A Woman's Guide To Emotional Strength And Self-esteem " I am in a few chapters and will read more today while getting my hair done :)

Last night was ROUGH..between the pain of my tailbone and it being Valentine's Day, I cried, lots..but there came a point the tears stopped and I took the advice of my own words and prayed to my spirit guides to reveal themselves to me, to be here for me and guide me through this darkness. Then I had two very strong affirmations this morning..

The first was..I woke this morning with a sense of calm. I repeated the same request ..After a moment I rolled over and looked at the clock and it said 7:17 (my clock is set an hour ahead)..those who know anything about numbers and spirituality will know this meaning but..for those who don't.. Here is a link that clarifies..
Basically it's a message from Your spirit guides telling you, you are on the right path, they are guiding you and there for you. That link really explains it all.

The second affirmation was, I then opened my phone and for some reason Instagram was open and the above quote was staring me in the face.. seriously..You can't deny your spirit guides, they are there to guide you and give you strength when you feel at a loss and even when you are feeling good.

I thanked them out loud for guiding me to the path I am meant to be on, then I did my meditation before climbing out of bed and into the shower. I can't go to the gym til at least Monday. My tailbone still hurts but even that has subsided a little bit.

Last night I decided since I am off to make today all about me and pampering I have a hair appointment at 10 (highlights and trim) then a nail appointment at 4. I need this bit of spoiling and feeling good on the outside can help feel good on the inside :) I woke with a sense of peace that no matter what happens in my life.. I will be ok.

I been talking to Mike still lots both in text and on the phone, He's a really nice guy. He's really funny and we laugh lots. I am still very clear about only wanting friendship at the moment and He's been completely on board with that and even supportive. I opened up about my recent heartbreak and His only words were "This guys an idiot to let you go, you are fucking amazing" lol I defended my ex.. I still am very protective of Him. He's my twin flame... I'll always have His back. Anyways we talked a bit last night before my sleepy pill finally kicked in and I went to bed.
I am thankful for His friendship

Well, I am going to go do my hair and makeup and get ready for my day..

I hope you all find a million reasons to smile today! ❤

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