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2019-02-14 23:41:02 (UTC)

Call me Cupid


Let me start off this entry by saying I absolutely love cooking for other people. It is literally one of my most favorite things to do in the world. I am always happy watching others enjoy my meals and I just like the act of cooking itself it relaxes me. Well anyway as I said earlier today Diane had been planning this huge surprise for phillip for awhile now. We deep cleaned the entire house making it almost literally sparkle which we knew would make him happy.

Well when phillip got home I had locked the dining room door where Diane was hiding. Now diane was hiding because I had gotten her a new dress and shoes, I pampered her today and styled her hair and make up. So she was hiding to surprise phillip with her cute valentines look. I told phillip he was to go take a shower and change into the clothes that had been laid out for him on the bed and that he was also to put on the cologne that was provided for him on the bed. While he did that I finished setting up the dining room table and preparing the appetizers. Diane and I had gotten a white table cloth and gold place mats then we DIY some candles holders out of empty wine bottle and finally put red candle sticks in them and let them, we turned off all but one of the lights in the dining room and i began working on dinner while phillip got ready.

When phillip was ready i led him to the dining room where Diane was waiting for him all dolled up just for him, he was beaming ear to ear they looked so happy to see each other and get such a romantic night. while they enjoyed fresh bread and dipping sauce as well as champagne and water I was busy cooking up a storm for them. I made them each a ribeye steak cooked to medium rare just how they like as well as fresh steamed brocolli and loaded mashed potatoes. (I forgot to mention I had made hand written menus for them) I could hear them chatting and laughing while I cooked. Once dinner was ready they seemed so freaking happy. it honestly made my heart sing.

After dinner I gave them each a slice of their favorite pie. Key lime for phillip, and chocolate for Diane. and while they at dessert I finished cooking dinner for myself and enjoyed it.

While I wish I could have gotten the chance to spend Valentines with my husband I am so happy to have gotten to give my best friend and her husband an amazing valentines. Currently I am about to give myself a nice long well deserved bath and let them have the rest of the night completely to themselves. I should also mention that my Wonderful husband Thomas had Diane surprise me with chocolates and a singing stuffed puppy from him. Over all it was a pretty great day and I would love to have another like it. I hope everyone else had a great valentines as well!

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