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2019-02-14 08:42:53 (UTC)

Today's mental status

I was worried. So far so good. Valentine's day hasn't gotten me depressed. I'm just happy I can make it to the gym again. I'm learning my workouts without using my left arm so much. I'm chatting with my gym peeps again which I sorely missed. Yesterday, I was tagged in our gym group pic and glad I'm back with friends that I like so much.

I'm saving money for my truck but it's not at the bank. I needed incentive so I'm saving it at home in 100 dollar bills. I know it's silly but I counted my money again last night. I knew how much I have but nothing like counting thousands of dollars in you hand to make you feel good. haha. I know, it's shallow materialistic and stupid but it's fun so I do it. Makes me more determined to keep saving for that truck. I already have enough saved to put a decent downpayment next month. So I shaved what I needed to save by two months. Yay!!! I also checked my credit cards and the balance is great. Only about 160 bucks outstanding so I've been good in not buying things I don't really need :) Maybe I can save 2,000 next month? Maybe. But I know me, I'll be itching to go out because I'm stupid and want to do stuff :)

So how do I feel today? I feel great. I'm reminded once again that I'm back at the gym with these normal muscle aches. We worked on our core a couple of days ago and I feel that. Definitions are there again thank God!! I'm pretty busy at work and I've been hacking away at completing my projects! All good with work :) My arm is not 100% yet and I know it's still effecting my darts but I know we can't have it all in life. I'm glad with what I have though. I have friends that lost their job and their roommate is moving out soon so they are faced with the increase in rent due to one of them moving soon. Another friend is about to get his house flooded because of this storm we are having right now. My other friend's house is leaking but that's expected because her house is in bad shape anyway. My other friend has maxed out her credit card and is wanting to rent a room in her house just to get her head above water. So yeah, my life is good. I'm sad for my friends but me myself am very happy and feel oh so fortunate to be where I am.

Happy Valentine's day all <3

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