Experienced Life
2019-02-13 21:08:02 (UTC)

What I missed...

I just realized that it was nice to be around good people again. Hanging around positive people is great!!! Almost an osmosis effect :) I still recall someone doing a presentation speech telling us " You know what you will become? Look a the people you hang around with. That's what you will become too". I think he's right.

So this is why I'm starting to wean off of my friends of 20 or so years. I love them to death but they have a different lifestyle from me and I'm no way wanting to become like what they are becoming. Settling for what they have in life. Not fighting for more. Not having big goals. Sorry, not for me and i don't want that kind of mentality ever. Even if and when I retire, I have bigger goals than that. I guess I"m sort of enabling them. I always have whiskey here at home and I buy it for them. I don't drink much whiskey really. The last 5 bottles, I didn't take a shot. It was all drank by my friends.

I'm drifting again. So what though. I'm in a good mood. My arm is getting better everyday. I got my roomie now and she is great so far. After I get my downpayment taken care of for my Tacoma, I'll save that money for my trips I want to go to this year. Hoping for New Your City, Alaska, and South Korea too. Why South Korea? Because my Sister wants to go and she has time share so I can say with her for free. Just need spending money and my own airfare :)

It's going to be a great year :) I just know it. And all of this without having a girlfriend!!!! Yes!!!

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