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2019-02-13 20:21:00 (UTC)

2nd day at the gym in a row

So today, there was stuff I couldn't avoid using my left arm. Squat to a curl with an overhead press. I used a lighter dumbbell for my left arm. Sumo squat deadlifts, I used my right arm only. Seated RB row with bands, I used a thinner band when I used my left arm. Wall ball toss. I used my right arm to toss the ball after a squat. It didn't go high at all. I could see at the corner of my eye, my superstar friend was launching her ball pretty high. Not me, I just survived. Also, being out for a couple weeks, I felt like I was running out of gas on the 2nd half of the circuit. But overall, I think I did ok protecting my left arm from further harm. Still not close to 100% but at least I can go to the gym now and not make it worse. Or at least I think I'm not. haha.

Also, I got something juicy to post. But until it get's done, I won't post it. Don't want to jinx myself. If it don't pan out, then I'l post it with the failed outcome. If I am able to swing this, then it'll be even sweeter. I have a plan to get my truck even sooner than I thought I could get it. We'll see if my plan unfolds. I'm already looking at what accessories to buy. haha. Regardless, I'll get my new truck in May at the latest.

Now regarding Valentine and maybe being sad? It's not even on my radar. I was worried but I'm so filled with so much to do, I'm enjoying my life without being with anyone. In fact, I can't help but feel lucky I'm not with my ex gf anymore. I probably would've been more in debt and nowhere close to being on the plus side now. I wiped out my 3K in credit cards all from dating my ex gf to now being in about 5K on the plus side :) Of course, this is the play money and not talking about my 401K and my retirement. I also have a couple hundred bucks a month from a previous job I had when I retire so that'll be like bingo money when I grow old I guess? What do old people do for fun anyway? haha. jk about that.

Life is good. I'm happy.

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