Do Not Disturb

2019-02-14 04:26:40 (UTC)

Slow Day

Battery Percentage: 29%

Forgot charger.

Bored out of my mind.

In other news, I blocked Andrew so we're back to on NO speaking terms ( which I think is for the best).

Now that I'm about to start working again that that means no more sleeping late. Oh... Who am I to kid???

I made an 81 % on my music test the other day. I was expecting an A but a B will do just fine.

Battery Percentage is now at 25%


I had just recently asked someone if they have a charger that I coule possibly use and I swear I sounded like a little girl.

Their was also this lady in my English class who had just given me a peppermint because I was coughing continuously and I didn't even have to ask. That was very thoughtful of her. I told her thank you in advance ( which I didn't think she would've heard).

At home ~

So, as I was on my way home we had to make a quick stop to McDonald's and I noticed how my mom had bought icecream. And didn't notice to ask me if I wanted some so of coarse I felt some type of way and she noticed it by the expression on my face ( which she thought I was about to cry when I wasn't). She also says how I can't always stop and get icecream everywhere I go. So what if I want icecream you can't make me not get icecream. So from now on I just simply won't.


I can't wait to start working Tuesday.

I can't help that I'm emotional it's part of who I am and that's just a part of who I am and yet people take it for granted.

I just wish I wasn't so emotional so I won't get yelled at by being so goddamn emotional by my mom 24/7.

Battery Percentage = 74% = charging.

I finally got a chance to do my music homework that was assigned to me on Tuesday. It was only two questions and that we had to use our textbooks for that I somewhat understood.

The only reason why I couldn't get to it was because I was so busy trying to turn in some very late homework in from google classroom.

I just turned in what I got. It was already 2 days late but hopefully I'll get a decent grade for it. I skipped about two questions but it won't harm anyone. Mainly me.

I had my quiz/test today in English class. I doubt that I did better than I did the last time but let's hope for the best.

This week has been a very slow week for me.

- A