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2019-02-13 07:47:24 (UTC)

Body check

Woke up this morning a little worried about my body. Left arm is fine. Only the all too familiar muscle ache after a workout so it's all good. Still having coffee in bed. Still cold and rainy outside so the bed sure if a body magnet this morning :) Last night, we played darts and the paint and my hitch is gone. So I'm rusty but my stroke is looking much better. I know my left arm still isn't all there. Having issues with my grip and anything I hold with my left hand but it's coming back. Yesterday's workout didn't involve my left arm too much except for maybe planks and mountain climbers. We used the band for some core twisting but I made sure I favored my right arm to do most of the work.

Today's routine is called Warrior Wednesday which does mean heavy lifting crap. I'll make sure I do modified workouts to protect my left arm or go real light on it when I do need to lift with my left arm. All good though :)

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