Experienced Life
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2019-02-12 23:19:18 (UTC)

Holy Cow!!! Something unreal is happening

Ok, so I know I'm not the dude that would say miracles happen. I just know something weird is happening. You know my gym friend? The 19 year old Superstar Christian? Well, yesterday, I asked her to pray for my arm to heal. It's been messing with me for 3 weeks now. My dart throwing has been messed up and was not close to being any better. I couldn't hit 18s or 20s anymore to save my ass. But.... after asking my friend to pray for my arm...... I dunno. ... Holy effing cow!!!! Somehow someway, it feels better now. Not 100% but I have to say that it's unreal that I can do what I can currently do. I thought there was permanent damage to my arm. Really!!!!!! Now? I dunno. There is nothing short of a miracle to get my arm working this good overnight We are talking about numbing feelings where I can't even hold a dart right. We are talking about not being able to hold a fork and stab my food. It was/is that bad.

So today when we practiced darts at my place, I don't know how but I actually did great. Strange things in this world that I do not fully understand.