Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-02-12 17:38:03 (UTC)

why can't things be better?

I want Leon to be safe, he passed out and his father didn't give a fuck. he is wanting to die and if he goes then call me a goner too. I only want him, if he goes who will take care of this mess. I can't live life without him. he's the first that accepts me for who I am... all my other dates i never told them who I really am deep down inside.. I just want leon to have a good life... seriously, no sane person could read my diary and think "yeah I like this girl." I want to kick the chair, I want things to be better or to just end. Everyone around me thinks I'm getting better, truth is, I'm nowhere near ecstasy... why must I be a teenager in love... i turned 16 just last month and I hate it. is it low key Leon? is that why I'm feeling bad? the relationship is holding me back? I can't brake up though, I love him... if he goes I think I might waste my life away... maybe sell my body to tapes. be nude in front of a camera and get money that way, I don't value myself enough to care what happens... I always lie to get out of things...