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2019-02-12 17:01:46 (UTC)

Sometimes people come in your life..

Listening to: Without me - Halsey

"Since you been around, I smile a lot more than I use to" ~ Unknown..

Good evening! 🌙

I have been today went well, I am in a good head space.. IToday's weather was crappy, roads were terrible but didn't stop me from smiling and enjoying the day.
Thank you to those who messaged me such kind words❤

Something weird happened that I am only talking about now.. Last week I had a reading from my friend a tarot reader which I mentioned here..but what I didn't say was (and because I didn't believe in it nor did I want to meet anyone).. In that tarot reading.. She said "You will meet Someone with the name M in the near future who will become Someone important to you and be there for you. He will be drawn to your energy" …. weirdly enough...few days ago I met someone with that letter.. Mike. That isn't the point it clicked on me but...We have been talking on the phone and texting constantly these last few days since we met and it was like an instant friendship. We laugh, nonstop.. I smile a lot when we talk..It's a riot but today I was at work and we were texting off and on my entire shift and He said "You have such an incredible energy and personality, it's addicting, you're addicting and I've never met anyone like you"..I just stared at my phone stunned because it all hit me and I recalled her saying the name and that statement.. lol Just know these two people don't know each other and it was just a total fluke that I met this person. Let me say it's not sexual, we haven't been an it's not because He's not attractive, He's extremely good looking, fit, nice eyes....(He's good for my ego as there's no shortage in compliments from Him) but I know He'd like there to be, He's told me He's drawn to me emotionally...Him saying that, kinda spooked me as I am just not at a place I can return that type of affection. I told Him that and He said last thing He wants to do is scare me or hurt me, He just enjoys talking to me and getting to know me. Truthfully it's been a god sent to me lately. He fills the silence and makes me laugh and things don't hurt quite as much..I don't need the added confusion of another Man right now but the friendship is just there and I am enjoying it. I messaged my friend (who reads tarots) after this realization and asked her what the hell? what it's supposed to mean.. she said "Sometimes people come into your life at a difficult time to help you, an Angel of sorts" She then text me "Doesn't mean there has to be anything more than a friendship. Just appreciate what it is", I truly believe that now and if I ever doubted the belief of the divine power and the universe, I don't now..I value His friendship... I am still seeing B at this point and told Him about B and how I am still healing but most of all, I am not that type of person to mess around with two. B knows about the friendship as well and is ok with it.. I have spent time with B and have submitted but I know He wishes I would give myself fully, in a committed, exclusive relationship and He understands I am just not ready.
He's an amazing Guy who genuinely cares for me and I Him.

During this spiritual growth I have been going through I have been paying attention to numbers and had noticed a huge reference to 11:11 or just the number 1 in general.. Yesterday it was the number 3.. I actually counted when I noticed in the first hour I was awake it was ALL I was noticing. I kept track, 133 that I noted, again notice the 3's lol, I am sure I missed a lot too. Wasn't just on the clock but everything I dealt with or saw in my environment. The meaning of 1's by the spiritual realm is …"Angel number 1 is a special message from your guardian angels indicating your ability to connect with the Ascended Masters in the angelic realm as well as it signifying a strong connection to a twin flame. It is your connection with the angelic realm, God, or Source Energy that determines your ability to manifest your desires and achieve your full potential." it.....but then yesterday was the 3'...which states, according to the spiritual realm …"Angel number 3 symbolizes aid and encouragement. It means that your angels are just nearby, ready to help and reassure you that your plans are going well. It sends the message that your prayers have been answered, and seeing 3 means that whatever you requested for is on its way to you."'s been all 4's....I didn't write every single one down as I lost track at 67 lol (bored I know lol) but the spiritual meaning of the 4's is..."4 is your messenger telling you to have faith and be confident that things are going in the right direction in your life. 4th Meaning of 4: You Are in Harmony with the Universe. Whenever you're seeing 4, the angels tell you that you're resonating with the Universe in perfect synchronicity."'s just really cool to notice things in every day life you don't pay attention to.. I don't look for these numbers or signs, they just happen..and it's pretty freaking cool..

I am battling a headache the last few days.. Took a Tylenol and hopefully it kicks in soon. Thinking it's the weather =/ So tonight I am going to work out in my home gym and then soak in a hot bath.. I work again tomorrow so relaxing tonight.

I hope everyone has an amazing evening ❤