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2019-02-11 21:02:27 (UTC)

Good and Evil

Arm is still effed up but improving. Scared to go back to the gym too early and mess it up. Sigh. What's cool is that my gym peep (19 yr old) superstar keeps texting me to make sure I'm ok. Church going person. She is nice. She is praying for me to help heal my arm quicker. I compare texts from her and from my l ex wife. Two different souls. Two different agendas. One is just pure of heart. The other is just plain mean with an agenda that isn't nice at all.

I know I told myself to surround myself with good people because you become like the people around you. I just don't want to mess up my arm any more than it is right now. Regarding my dart hobby. It may be time for me to back away from it for awhile. I'm in a league. I own my own dart machine just like the ones in a sports bar but set for free play instead of putting gin money. However, another turn of events. My current dart partnerI heard put himself into a drug rehab center. WTH?! If that isn't a sign for me to stop darts for awhile, I don't know what is. Now I need to find a new last minute partner and we have a playoff match next week. If we don't win that, I don't even go to the final playoffs in Fremont! This entire season could be screwed.

I know I talked about letting go of some old friends. I think it may be time to do so. I see the signs, multiple signs. I'll eventually end up getting in the same mess. I do have one friend from my core friend that is always giving. She is cool. I need to surround myself with good people. Working on it.

Regarding my love life? Still non existent. I did ask someone out though. We were friends for awhile but nothing more than friends. Recently saw here when we went out as a group to watch Stomp. I guess it's sorta like a broadway show but more fun. No singing. Anyway, we'll see what happens. She isn't into facebook much and that's where I texted her. Figures. My luck :) haha. It's all good though. Not expecting much. Just want to go out and have fun. Good clean fun not sexual stuff.

Anyway, still saving for my Tacoma. Already looking at accessories. One of the first few things I'm going to install are rock sliders, HID lights, and a hard tunneau cover. haha. Just in time for camping I hope.