Do Not Disturb

2019-02-12 05:41:22 (UTC)

Is You Mad Or Nahhh

Andrew isn't talking to me for several reasons he won't tell. Probably over some girl that he's trying to get with even though he keep claiming that he wants to have sex with me ( lies he tell). He's just basically using me. It's even worse for me because I'm still texting the bastard and while I have a boyfriend. He told me not to text him and to and I quote " leave him alone" and I did just that. I haven't thought of him ever since ( lies).

He also said how I was annoying.

How can I be annoying by asking him questions?

But it's whatever.

I don't know why I'm even thinking about a guy who's not even thinking about me in the same way I'm thinking about him.

- A

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