Do Not Disturb

2019-02-12 05:25:20 (UTC)


Now that my auntie's moving out I'm gonna kind of miss her but I doubt that she's gonna move out just because she has nowhere to go ( false alarm she's living with my Grandmother for now). Her and my mom got into this big fight but they'll get over it. Their sisters. I'm gonna kind of miss them and especially my little cousin since I'm always babysitting him even though he was the only way of me getting paid until I get an actual job and speaking of job.

One of my "friends" on Snapchat work at Wendy's but I was willing to work with it since I have class on weekdays ( Monday through Thursday) but I'm free on the weekends ( I'm always free on the weekends). It's not like I have anything important to do. Work and school is my life now. She also says that I may hsve to work till midnight ( which is fine by me).

She Will let me know if I have an interview tomorrow morning or not and they will give me a call back. I need a job and fast because I'm literally tired of sitting around the house and doing nothing but go to school and that's coming from me. Their hiring from the spot so I have to get the job. I know I will get the job.

What about transportation?

No worries I got that covered.


No problem ( lies).

- A

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