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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2019-02-09 18:27:38 (UTC)

Memory Lane

Listening to: Heaven Coming Down - The Tea Party
With nothing to lose you'd waste away
Obscure in exile
They've witnessed the times
You've gone astray
Whose fault? now you're thinking...
There's nothing to prove
A message from the crowd
To the shore...
And it feels now
Just like heaven's coming down
Your soul shakes free
As its conscience hits the ground

"And for so long, she had no clue.. all this time..she was always saving herself" ~R.H Sin

Good Evening!

I had a good day.. I did some shopping and then had coffee with a long lost friend J, Was nice to catch up but truthfully I think it will just be that.. She likes to entertain and drink.. that's the environment I have found myself grown out of. I did enjoy catching up and sharing stories because she was a big part of my teen years and I have nothing but good memories with her.. but I think that's all it will be, unfortunately. It's really odd to get a glimpse into how much you have changed as a person, from when we were friends at 17 to who we are in our adult years.. We were good girls back then and even now we still are but how our views change.. She seems stuck in that lifestyle we were at 17 and what's even funnier is one of my other friends, who is still friends with her, Rob... stopped in.. I haven't seen Him since I was 17.... It was nice to see Him and I think it shocked Him to see me but we shared a hug and a few laughs.. He asked for my number to "catch up" sometime.. I said J has it, she'll give it to you, butttt lol, She doesn't.. We are on fb together haha.. I am smooth lol. Anyways, it was fun.. nice to catch up but that is all..

Tonight? relaxing.. I am tired.. Was going to go to the gym again but my thighs are killing me.. so will recoop today and spoil myself with a Lush bath, face and hair mask and lots of puppy cuddles and work on my submissive journal, maybe youtube some.. :) I came home from J's and my dog went nuts sniffing me because of J's dog was all over me...He was looking at me like...."you cheater!" lol..

Ok off to go bath :) have a wonderful evening all ❤