Experienced Life
2019-02-09 12:57:41 (UTC)

New roomie is here

Well, the deed is done. New roomie got her keys. She has her room that my friends and I managed to clean up. Got my 700 bucks :) That much closer to my Tacoma : ) It's a cold ass and rainy day today but Im in a good mood. Arm isn't hurting much thank goodness. Not sure what I have planned today. I'm sure I need to run an errand or two.

Regarding me ex wife. We are actually doing good as far as communicating and texting. Miracles do happen. She and I aren't mad at each other. I'll sign her papers to change the kiddos name. They actually did the DNA testing so it will actually work. The kiddo will get the funds from his dead bio-dad which he should be getting anyway. Just fixing the technicality. She may even let me see them maybe one day. It's a far reach for sure but I'm shocked that it's even on the table to discuss.