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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2019-02-09 08:11:34 (UTC)

Perfectly, Imperfect ❤

Listening to: Come Undone - My Darkest Days
My immaculate dream,
Made of breath and skin,
I've been waiting for you,
Signed with a whole tattoo,
Happy birthday to you,
Was created for you

"Brave girl, choose yourself" ~ R.H.Sin

Good Morning!☀
Haha I fell asleep while meditating last night lol, guessing I was very relaxed lol. I made it to the gym this morning for 5:30 and worked out til 7:30, usual home, shower now tea :) Creature of habit.

I had some weird arse dreams last night that included all the people who played a significant part in my life. It was really weird, All our friendships and relationships were intertwined and everything was honkey dorey lol. It was really odd lol. I can usually interpret my dreams but that one? well..I don't know that there is one other than...I needed sleep lol.

Today? Lunch with my girlfriend J then I thought shopping with my daughter but she asked if she could go out with girlfriends.. I don't mind :) I am glad she's fun with her girlfriends. So perhaps I will hit the mall myself. I need a few things.

I had another reading last night and it was spot on. There is something to be said for tarot, some think it's evil but I think it all depends on what You want to know and what You ask to know.. I don't ask to predict my long term outlook, just guidance I am on the right path or to help me in choices I need to make and last night.. She brought up something that was on my mind without me even mentioning it and she confirmed my thoughts. We spoke also about me having energy blocks when it came to manifesting and how right now I am my own worst enemy when it came to blockage. That I need to learn to raise my vibration higher and keep good energy. While I feel I have and I am feeling happy and content again. I still have moments I know I don't. I get in my head or have one bad thought and it's proven.. one bad thought leads to more bad thoughts. Manifestation at it's finest lol. Bad thoughts can manifest faster than good so it's important to stop them as soon as you feel them and I have been doing good at that lately but I need to work harder on it as I am not perfect.. Actually I am "Perfectly, imperfect" and I am ok with that :) I love who I am.

Oh I have to go to the women's shelter today, I bought a bunch of tissues and things for them. I been meaning to do that all week but kept forgetting. I also have a bag of clothes to donate. It's so sad how needy the center gets..the government doesn't do near enough for places like that. It's also sad so much help is needed for women who escape domestic violence situations. I myself am a survivor of domestic violence. Thankfully I had family and friends to turn to but the people there, don't.. I don't feel like I do enough when it comes to that place and I always leave feeling grateful for what I have but I just wish I could do more.

Ok, time to get motivated :) I hope everyone has a wonderful day!❤

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