The no name.

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2019-02-09 10:36:44 (UTC)

Love & Basketball?

Yes, the title is cliche but it was funny when thought of.

But we won today and it felt nice. We win a lot but it's better when we work as a team. 3 techs, a bunch of fouls, but we manage to pull a 56-12 win. I think they're finally realizing how to play as a team and not individuals. Me and 'orange' spent some time together. one- on- one, free throws, and even went to lunch (early release). Sometimes it feels as if he doesn't get it and other time we're just friends... I'm fine with both but one would be better than the other.
No complaining though.

They say you can't have the best of both world but 'Blue' hasn't called or text me in two days and I'm getting worried. It would be nice just to hear that he's okay none the less but taking it day by day right..?
Why are guys so complicated or is it just me.. or both? Praying for the best but expecting the worst as usual. *fingers crossed*