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2019-02-08 08:09:10 (UTC)

No gym for a week

Well, no gym for a week now and the week before, I went only once. My arm is taking a lot longer to heal than my knee. I have my dart tournament at the beginning of March. Not sure wha to do. My weight has been ok. Eating right most of the time so that's good. Just worried that my stamina and tone will go to crap!! Today is leg and booty day so maybe that'll be safe enough for me to attend? I'll see how it goes I guess.

My darts is slowly coming back but still struggling to hit the 20s and 18s. Big dart playoffs in just around the corner and I hate to lose. Don't know how these millennials are with this participation trophy concepts but that isn't me. We practice again at my place tonight. I still gotta clean out that room for rent too. ugh...