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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2019-02-07 10:03:43 (UTC)

Felt compelled to write..

Listening to: Shallow - Lady Gaga
Tell me somethin', girl
Are you happy in this modern world?
Or do you need more?
Is there somethin' else you're searchin' for?
I'm falling
In all the good times I find myself
Longin' for change
And in the bad times I fear myself
Tell me something, boy
Aren't you tired tryin' to fill that void?
Or do you need more?
Ain't it hard keeping it so hardcore?

"She’s proof that you can walk through hell and still be an angel." ~R. H. Sin

Good Morning! ☀
I felt compelled to write :) I wrote yesterday and deleted it but again felt compelled..Thank you to those who have reached out, to show care..meant a lot..I have been really good.. I been in a really good head space lately. Work has been good and busy. I am keeping busy. I am still kicking ass at the gym at 5am and some evenings..I was off yesterday and until Monday, yay!. We just had a major ice storm the other day which made driving entertaining, thankfully my 4-wheel plowed through with no issues.

I still have separation from my girlfriends who I went to Vegas with.. I think they are great people and while I still consider them friends and I hope the best for them but I find I am better off without the party life. I miss them but at this point in my life.. I need that break..It really wasn't me. I am still close to my best friend E and my girlfriend from work is who is also submissive. I am surrounded by good, positive people.

Spiritually I am still learning and learning about manifestation and tuning into my intuitive abilities further than I already been able to. I am loving learning about the universe, positive thinking and raising your personal vibration. I have learned when you raise your vibration you manifest good things.. Good thoughts, good feelings manifest good karma coming back in. If I only dwelled on the bad, I only received more reasons to be sad. It's really cool how the universe plays such a big part in our overall well being. I have always been a very positive person but I can admit these past two months I wasn't. Losing my twin flame, I could barely function at times and it affected every part of my life, even to the point where my daughter called it my "dead phase" lol..(funny not funny) and until I changed my thinking. I am back to my positive self and seeing and feeling good things returning to me. I can say, going through all I had was probably the worst thing I have ever had to go through emotionally and those who know me...know that's a pretty bold statement after all I been through but it's true. Through my past I never stopped loving myself..these past two months I had and I worried so many people who love me, including myself.. but I realized, how can I expect love if I don't love myself and now I do again.. I love who I am..I can say I am smiling again.. I am happy again and I am finding balance.. When you find balance and raise your vibration..You will attract all you desire in life..I am back to my positive self and my vibrations are high and I am seeing so much good come back at me. Yesterday I had someone say that my positivity and energy was infectious :) Felt good to hear that.Now my spiritual growth is focused on learning more about that and my current abilities..

I have learned in ways to control my empath abilities.. or well I should say..I have learned how to understand them and triggers better..I learned in the past I get very overwhelmed in crowded places..but the difference is.. It's the environment of the places.. If it's a celebratory type the Bryan Adams concert I went to last week.. it's happy emotions and I feel happy vibrations. Those aren't as overwhelming.. in general's a mixture of vibrations and emotions like sadness, anxious, depression, illness. I have also learned to carry ear buds so when things get overwhelming out, I pop it in and play some of my meditation or soft music I enjoy.. it's been really helpful.. I still can sense people when somethings up and that mystery a few weeks ago, was solved.. I was right. I have had other senses and tuned in on it correctly as well. My senses are heightened and more fine tuned and come easier..I find youtube been a huge help in learning about these things as well as learning about meditation and manifestation. It's been really fun to learn about, I found my passion and it's my spirituality. I am so much more awake and alert to the universe and the divine....Last night I laid in bed and had on my "relax melody" app and played a forest sound while I meditated.. part of the manifestation is to picture yourself there and gosh, it felt so calming. I slept like a bebe! I woke feeling so good :)

Today? I have plans and tomorrow I am meeting my girlfriend J who I bumped into at work last year who found me after 20 years! We are having lunch. She text me last night and invited me to a gathering at her place tonight but I am not into those type of things so we compromised on lunch Saturday! I promised my daughter after she aced her exams we would hit the mall this afternoon when she gets home from school and I am looking forward to spending time with her, getting her (and me) some new clothes..maybe another visit to Victoria's secret lol. I am loving how my hard work at the gym is paying off :)she has plans in the evening so just me home :)

Ok, I need to go get my hair and makeup done..
Have a wonderful day all ❤