The no name.

2019-02-08 08:18:14 (UTC)

Winner , Loser , & Chooser

Today was interesting. It was different, I was different. Sometimes when you play the sideline for someone you never notice how you're the star in someone else game.
Let me start from the beginning...
Today my crush greeted me and I was surprised. Three compliments (Yes I counted) and even walked me to class (Sorta) but it was the first time he was around me and he wasn't forced by peer pressure. It was an amazing feeling has me thinking if he feels the sparks I feel sometimes. The conversation was nice (not forced either) and he kept me smiling. I hate to admit it but I might be in love. Is that possible? I was always told that at a certain age you would " find love". did love have an age requirement I didn't know about? or was it some lie our parents told us to keep us from growing up ? Then again it could be lust and I have it bad. also, a good friend of mine gave me signs that he was attractive to me. Breakfast and lots of talking were involved in this and it doesn't hurt to say I didn't appreciate it but its weird. I'm weird and I might be over thinking this but I tend to over think everything in my life. What should I do ? or better yet who should I do? In this case there will be a winner, loser, and unfortunately, the chooser is me...