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2019-02-07 09:02:52 (UTC)

Every situation is an opportunity

So i find myself unemployed again, almost 2 years to the day it first happened. Even when employed my finances were so tight. I currently have obligations to friends that have given me loans that I need to repay and my children's school fees. The loans are are heavy on my mind and no day passes without me hatching a repayment plan. I pray for the day that i have no personal loans to worry about. At the moment I have suspended any repayments until I get employment and I have let them know this. They wouldn't be happy but it is best that I let them know this. In the meantime I am building my sport Index business and see how that goes (more on this at a later stage).

On the fees, I approached my ex to see if there was a way we could collaborate to ensure we keep paying all the fees including mine but as usual it was all negative from her. I have had meetings with the school and the meetings were very positive. In short they will give me reasonable time to find employment and then we can come up with a repayment plan.

I see my current situation as an opportunity, an opportunity to take a step back and review my life and set up a strategy and the objectives that I need to attain in future. I will be reviewing all the business analysis work I have being doing for the last 2 years and also learning about associated tools and subject areas in business analysis . This will not only make me a better BA but will give me excellent preparation for any interviews I may get in the not too distant future. I will also use this time to train myself to become a data scientist.