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2019-02-06 06:24:15 (UTC)

Day two of training

Today is 2 of 3 for training. Learning about some new optics equipment for our Network. Cool stuff. Getting paid to learn. What a great job to have. Not much time for my morning coffee but I still have enough time for a cup or two to enjoy my morning in bed :) I skipped gym and practiced some darts last night. Slight improvement. Still struggling on the 20s and 18s but Ok on the other numbers and bulls. Still a long ways away from being back to my norm but a little better than last Monday at least. Just hoping my arm heals since I'm not going to the gym.
BTW, I was hoping I wasn't so much in-the-mood since I'm not hitting the gym but nope!!!! Still wanting to have S-E-X just as much! haha. That's a problem when you don't have a girlfriend but I guess it's one of those problems that is good to have? I guess? Maybe?

Not sure if I mentioned my future roommie. She's ok I guess. She looks so-so. Hopefully she isn't nuts. She had brain cancer so they really did operate on her brain. But she's ok. Communicated pretty well considering. She says she has a hard time or can't see good out of one eye but she looks normal to me. But I have no intentions of anything sexual from her. I don't poop where I eat. That 700 will sure make a difference in my budget :)

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