Do Not Disturb

2019-02-06 07:25:06 (UTC)

No More!

I've eaten to many sweets and all in one day.

Also this whole finding a job thing sucks. No one wants to hire me and it's not that I don't have any experience but I mean what do you expect I've only had one job my whole entire life.

I still have to read chapter 3 for English not only including my history test that I have to take tomorrow along with my homework being due and by midnight ( thank God for google classroom) .

Today in music class ( which is technically yesterday as it is. 1:29 AM) we had to choose a song that means most to us and the meaning behind it and so for my homework assignment I chose I'll Always Remember Us By of coarse Lady Gaga from the movie A Star Is Born.
Both great song and great movie.

It also seems like in each of my classes I find at least one guy attractive. Theirs one guy in my History class who's name is Kyle, a guy in my math class who's also light skin. But I have to keep reminding myself that I'm taken.

And then theirs Andrew who claims he somewhat cares about me when I know he does even when he's constantly asking for nudes ( which I hate) when he know damn well I have a boyfriend but does he care. Nope. He said so himself. I'm so use to texting him constantly. Even more possibly than my boyfriend.

And no We're not dating. We're just " friends". He claims friends with benefits. I say otherwise.

- A

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