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2019-02-05 20:06:41 (UTC)


Well, my friend brought over her friend and it's agreed I now have a roomie. She will pay me 700 a month. I abandoned my core friends as far as getting a place because in all honesty, they can't afford to move in with me in the house I want. So... plan B. Rent a room. This will instantly give me a boost. If this works out, I can now get my truck and save for the trips I wanted to go to. Alaska, South Korea, and maybe NYC again!!! woohoo!!!

Worse case scenario, I get 700 for one month. That ain't all too bad too. If it lasts 3 months, then that's 2100. Still aint too bad. Maybe I can even get my truck sooner than later. That is an option too. hahahaha. Life is good.

My left arm is still bugging me. I have to admit that I injured it. Probably didn't help that I was stubborn and kept working out even though I was hurt. You can get away with it if it's only your arm. You knee? Nope. But your arm, yes you can. It just rears it's ugly head during darts. My dart rating has been cut in half. Never even at the beginning of my dart hobby was I ever this bad. I can't hit the 20s and 18s. Sigh.... Just hope I don't get fat during my time off of the gym. I miss my gym peeps already. :(

Otherwise, I'm still a happy man :) I'm in training this week at work. Learning the optical networking hardware that we are deploying. Loving my job. Loving life even with these little bumps on the road. Ex wife has been chill so that's good too. Grateful for what I have :)

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