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2019-02-04 17:26:36 (UTC)

Dart league 1.5 hrs

Well, I just tried practicing darts and it's a little better today but nowhere close to where I need to be. This match won't matter though. We will probably fall into 3rd place. We will do a local playoff which means we play the last place team. Then from there, no more darts till regionals on March 1st. I'm going to tone down the gym to 4 days a week max for now. At least till after the playoffs is over.

Regarding my ex wife possibly messing with me trying to get money? I think I got it covered. I tell her what she wants to hear and shit so I think she'l back off of me now. Just needed to say nicey-nice lies to her to make her feel like I give a shit (which I don't haha). I can be soooo bad. But when your dealing with the devil, you have to fight fire with fire. I just wish I didn't have to waste my time and effort on this stuff. I have more important things to work on in life. Not this.

Right now, the immediate thing I need to fix is my hitch with my dart throwing. Perhaps a hot shower might help. Won't hurt :)

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