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2019-02-03 08:05:39 (UTC)

Superbowl Party

Well, I'm having friends come over for the Super Bowl today. Got some stuff to do first. But for now, it's my typical coffee in bed. Time for some quiet time just being alone nice and cozy in bed. It's cold out. I think I forgot to turn on the heater last night but I put fleece bedding and blankets this Winter and they are so dang warm. Wrapping my hands around my coffee cup in-between typing :)

I subbed for my friend's dart team yesterday and it was a disaster. My left arm never completely healed and I still have a hitch when I throw my darts. As long as it doesn't stop me from going to the gym, I'm fine. You can have issues with your arm but the leg is a show stopper. We're coming down to the dart league playoffs so I may tone it down a little with the gym. I was going 5-7 days a week but I may cut that down in half just to get my dart game going a little better. I'm really way off in what I can normally throw. Not too worried though. It is just a hobby. I have many other hobbies and gym is my life now. I can't ever stop that unless of course I'm physically not able to anymore.

In a few months, it'll be warmer and I can go kayak fishing again. That is of course if I get a vehicle that can tow my kayak trailer around. That's all been planned. I'll be getting my truck soon. Plan B is that I can borrow my friend's suv.