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2019-02-02 19:09:50 (UTC)

Renting a room in my house

My friend called and asked if I wanted to possibly rent a room to her friend. I said I'd think about it but today we spoke in more detail. Her friend is not 100% self sufficient but said that they were going to hire someone to take her shopping, dr appts, and whatever it is she needed. So that's fine with me. Regarding the rent... she is willing to pay 700 bucks out the door per month!!! Hell yeah!! That works for me. I like it.

I feel so lucky. That means that I may get that Tacoma even sooner that I think. Worse case scenario, I will still be able to live my life with some additional income. 700 bucks works for me. Cha-China baby!!!!! I may even be able to buy a boat too now. It was gonna take a couple of years for that but it may now be sooner than later. haha. I'm just thinking out loud. I'll probably just end up paying a lot extra on my Tacoma loan so I can pay it off sooner.

Life is good. I like myself. I'm still smiling. :)

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