Do Not Disturb

2019-02-02 19:57:26 (UTC)


Why are guys so goddamn complicated???

Like yesterday, I did the stupidest thing of unblocking Andrew and he likes one of my pics. I followed him and he requested to follow me. I accepted. And I ended up texting him somehow. But only because I wanted to write a book about him then he started saying how he sort of May have feelings for me ( which I think is bullshit ). But he and I both know that I have a boyfriend. But does he seem to care. Nope. He doesn't.

Me and my boyfriend went to the movies yesterday and saw Aquaman great movie. I highly recommend if you wanna go and see an action movie. But as I was their and with my boyfriend I could only imagine what it's like if, he was their.

We texted all day today and I wondered if he noticed and he has. He's currently in the military. I never knew he would be the type of guy to be in the military qnd he agreed with me. But I need to let him know that I can't keep doing this.


He said friends with benefits and feelings and that he doesn't care if I'm in a " relationship" or not.

A part of me still have the urge to wanting to feel his every move. His touch. I always imagine what it would be like if we actually have sex.

Would it be worth the wait???

- A

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