Experienced Life
2019-02-01 07:29:47 (UTC)

Gym +1 day

In bed drinking my hot coffee on another chilly morning :) I love mornings. It's nice and quiet. Some muscle ache as a reminder I went back to the gym yesterday. Knee held up well. No aches or pain there. Ir's arms that hurt a little. We did a mixed shadow boxing and jumping jacks combo. But me wanting the be a stupid badass, I used some 5 lb weights when I was shadow boxing. It was fun but my body now reminds me what I did. haha. And..... I love it. Any stress has been stripped away. I guess meditation would be as good or better but I haven't done that much lately and I actually suck at it. It requires some skills. It's not just sitting up closing your eyes.. I'll work on that.

For now, I'm going to just enjoy my morning. I may or may not make the later gym class but dunno. I have a doctor appt today and not sure if I'll make the 4:30 class. Maybe I can make the later classes but I don't know as many people at the later classes. Some but not too many and not close to any of them really.

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