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2019-01-31 21:52:59 (UTC)

First day back at the gym

Woohoo!! First day back at the gym. Saw my cliques. Big class. About 35 peeps during the 4:30PM session. We divided into groups of 6 and of course, the "clique" grouped together. haha. One of the things we had to do was called "sprint step-ups". I was just a tad bit worried about that. My knee felt great but that's like saying effe you to your knees and putting it to the test. Right leg? Fine. That wasn't the problem leg. Left leg? I was nervous. Went real slow at first sort of waiting for that sharp pain to come and get me but you know what? it didn't come. So I went faster and harder and it was still ok. Whew!!! Knee was all good. I don't know what happened exactly to my knee but the coach did say that maybe my hamstring got tight and that may have been the cause. Dunno but whatever it was, just glad it's over now ::) I'm back and I'm ready to rock it.

Just in a nick of time too. Some people have to mentally battle to go to the gym. I have to fight myself when I'm not going to the gym. I have to go. I know it's a big source of my stress relief, depression, anxiety, etc, etc. You can pop all the pills, drink all the booz, etc, etc. It will not come close to going to the gym and getting that natural high. And the benefits of it is you'll have a fitter body. Win win situation. You will perform better in bed for sure. Now I don't know if that part is a win. If you have a special person to have intimacy with, then it's great. If you're single and don't sleep around, well.....then it can be a temporary problem :) haha. It's all good :)

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