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2019-01-31 00:08:32 (UTC)

Gotta play games with ex

Dang it!! Ex wife is up to something I think. So..... I have to pretend and be nice to her. Stupid stuff like she is still pretty and all that bullshit! I'd rather her stay out of my life completely but I have this instinct and it's always did me right. My ex was up to something. She has a lawyer now since she won some money getting hurt at Walmart. So she can in theory try to come after me for money. So I had to play the freaking game.

I'm so close to getting my Toyota Tacoma in just a few months. I'd really not want to spend it on a lawyer fighting her. Sigh... Can't really win can I huh? Oh well, whatever. I won't let it bug me. If I get the Toyota, great. If not, oh well...shit happens and I'll just get a cheap vehicle for camping around this coming Summer.

So I have to pretend. Kiss her ass. Say nice things to her so she will think I want her. In other words, play more of her mind games. Sigh... haha