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2019-01-29 07:10:56 (UTC)

I'm starting to love the mornings

I love getting up early, making coffee, and just sitting up on my bed relaxing for an hr doing nothing but just messing with my laptop on the internet. I recall a very nice dream last night.... Barely. I think I must'v been living in an apartment building. I met some people and I think I was talking to this woman. I don't recall how she looked but she was nice from what little I recall. She was into me. We didn't do anything but talk. She says she even knows my schedule because she knows when I leave and come home by checking my car in parking lot I think? I believe I teasingly called her a stalker :) That's how I am in real life and I guess that's how I am in my dream too.

Anyway, it was pretty cool. The beginning of a romance was starting. It was just a dream of course but in a way, it shows or tells me my heart isn't dead just yet. It was a reminder that I can still feel what I felt in my dream. I think I tried to kiss her. We didn't but I recall in the dream we were about an inch away from kissing each other. haha. That's about it. There was more to the dream but that's all I can recall. I'm sure it'll make me smile all day. Just from a silly dream. But I also know that I do love myself. Dumb as I am, making stupid mistake after stupid mistake, I do love myself and I will find as much happiness as I can for myself.

Ok, time to just drink my coffee, listen to music and do nothing for a bit more before I get ready for work. And... there isn't a shit pile of work to do because I am all caught up with my projects. Woohooo!!!

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