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2019-01-29 06:31:19 (UTC)

Knee feeling better

Just woke up and started coffee. Knee is feeling better. Seems like minimizing putting weight on it helps so that's what I'll do. Darts really sucked last night but it doesn't matter really. We're 2nd so no matter what we do, we'll have to go to the round robin at the end of the season.

Much as I love the gym, I'm going to skip it again today. Seems like my body as a whole needs it anyway. All the other minor pains that I had are also going away like my shoulder, left forearm, left foot, right shoulder, all had little issues. I ordered a knee brace from Amazon on Sunday and it got here overnight. Dang they're fast.

I'm gaining weight of course. Trying to stay home and save money gets boring so I end up eating junk food. haha. Oh well, I'll be eating good now that I'm going back to work. Salad at this place called Jack's Urban Eats and protein powder. :)