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2019-01-29 11:04:04 (UTC)


I am now unemployed. I need to keep us the structure of my life and be determined and focus in all the things I do.
Right now the paramount things in my mind are:

Job hunting: I will do this daily (during the day) and ensure my CV is attractive for the roles I am applying for.
Data Analysis training: I have bought a second hand lap top to be delivered tomorrow. I will do my training in the middle of the night and sometimes during the day.
Kids Fees: This is an issue. I have a meeting with the schools who are requesting that I provide information on how I plan to pay off the debt. Right now I don't even know how I can pay future fees as I have lost my job. I have contacted my ex to ask her what she plans to do (if she wants to withdraw them from private education) since I have lost my job.
Personal Debts: My friend's that I need to repay - Until i get employment or I make money from my sport Index business unfortunately I cant do anything about his. This hurts me
Sport Index Business: Very early days but I hope to grow this business. More on this in future
Upkeep (Rent, mobile phone bills and others): I will need to have a 5/6 month buffer and be ready to unemployed for this long.. I need to make the salary that i collected in January and will collect in February work for me until May/June
Government Benefit: I have applied for benefit from the government to help with my rent and upkeep while I look for a job. I have the interview on Friday.
Alternative Work: I am hoping to train in social care so that I can get some income from social care work if I cant get the job I am looking for (business analyst job)