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2019-01-28 07:57:57 (UTC)

Friend's water heater is out

My friend texted this morning. She wanted to see if she could shower at my place because her water heater is out. It's cold here. I don't even want to get out of bed and I won't because I took the day off today. By the time I picked up and returned her text, she was already boiling water at her place. All I can say is it sucks to be her. lol. jk. I didn't say that to her too. This is the same person who's roof leaks when it's raining.

My left knee still sucks. It's not any better but it also isn't any worse. I may be out from going to the gym for a couple of weeks. I'll call my doctor to see if he can see me today. I don't even know how I hurt my knee. I made it through gym class last Sat without any issues. It only happened hours after the gym. I hope it isn't something serious and I hope I just pulled something. I do know that when I get out of bed, I can't just stand up without slowly getting my left leg acclimated to my body weight. Then I limp around for a bit. Then I can start to sort of walk. Sigh...... Did I say this sucks? Well, I have to say it again because I need my gym to stay mentally sane :)

--update after about 4 hrs-------
My knee is starting to feel better. I was trying to bend it and see where it hurts. It hurts when I bend in back but only when my heel is almost bent back to my butt. That's when I feel the pain. Getting up isn't as painful anymore. Not sure if I'm supposed to stretch it out to get the kinks out, elevate my leg, apply heat, apply cold, or what :) But since it seems to be healing already, I'll just stay off of my leg as much as I can all day. I do have darts tonight but that shouldn't effect my darts so much. It'll be ok. Looks like I may not have to be out of the gym for a couple of weeks like I originally thought. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

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