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2019-01-28 14:38:24 (UTC)


I am now home after my job ended. I am looking for a new job and doing some online training. I have also started some sport trading business with a friend of mine with the son of making a tidy profit at the end of each month. Let’s hope so. I don’t feel as scared as I was last week leading to me losing my job I know I will eventually prevail. The things high up on my mind include the funds I received and promise to pay back to my friends. I feel bad I may not be able to pay this back until I start a new employment and I don’t know when this will be. Also heavy on my mind is the school fees for the children. I have to meet the schools on Wednesday to resolve the outstanding debts but there is an additional issue which they are unaware of, my job loss and I may not be able to commit to any future payments. I have written my ex to let me know what she will be doing so that when I need the school what I will say will align with her actions