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2019-01-27 09:59:40 (UTC)

Messed up my knee

I don't know what happened but I messed up my left knee. It was ok working out Friday and Saturday. But after Saturday morning gym class, I just kicked back in the lounge area messing with my phone. I got up and noticed a little something but it was nothing as gym always has you leaving in way more pain than that. Went to the farmer's market nearby and then watched a movie. All good right?

But later that night at home, my left knee was hurting to the point where it hurts to bend my knee. When I'd get up to get something, I would feel extreme pain at first and I'd have to walk it off. So I''m effed-up for awhile. At least for today I can't hit the gym. I'm worried. This is the one thing that has kept me sane. I cannot be down for long. It does take mental strength to keep a positive outlook on life but I'm know I need to hit the gym too. I have to. I tried doing a pretend jump rope this morning and it's not happening. Dang it!!! haha. Well, I do play darts tomorrow so maybe missing out on gym today and not going tomorrow anyway will help my darts.

BTW, funny thing... my ex wife sent me a current pic of herself. Don't know why or for what reason. She says the meds she is taking for her bad back is causing her to gain weight and she can't exercise because it creates pain for her too so she is caught in a situation.... But... I don't care.. The only care I have is that she may not be able to take care of the kids better than she can if she wasn't in pain. That is the only care I have about that. But to let my evil side say something...... Karma is a bee-atch!!!!!! I lost 50 lbs and she gained 50 pounds!! hahaha. Live a life of adultery, lies, deceit, narcissus, and sooner or later, you will get your just dessert baby!!! Sorry... I just had to burp that out :)

Thank God I'm in a better place. Well, except for my left knee that is. Hope it heals quickly. But life is still good. Work is fantastic. Making new friends at the gym. I'm still saving for my Tacoma. Just a few more months before I get my materialistic satisfaction met. haha

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